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***FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the Playtrek mailing list***

-----> New items from previous FAQ are marked with a "~"


Table of Contents
I       Definitions
        A       Internet
        B       Toy Collecting
        C       Playtrek

II      Abbreviations
        A       Internet
        B       Toy Collecting
        C       Playtrek

III     Q & A
        A       Internet
        B       Toy Collecting
        C       Playtrek


        *I      Definitions            *
        *       A       Internet       *
Spam - Unsolicited mail/messages, usually advertising products, web
        sites, or get-rich-quick schemes.
Troll - Messages that may look authentic, but are totally bogus.
        It's an internet form of a bad joke and are only presented
        to get people worked up.  Avoid reacting to them in any way
        as you will just perpetuate the problem.
Usenet - Similar to a mailing list, proper software and an internet
        connections are required.  Messages are sent to a usenet
        group (for example:, sent
        across the internet, and picked up by various databases on
        servers that are set up to retain the messages.  The proper
        software is required to read these messages.  Ask your ISP.
Newsgroups - Another term for usenet groups
Emoticon - Commonly used on the internet, these are symbols to
        indicate a persons emotions.  The symbols vary widely, but
        some of the more commonly used symbols are:  :) or :-) to
        indicate a person smiling, ;) or ;-) to indicate a person
        winking, >:-( to indicate a person is very upset, :-P to
        indicate that a person sticking their tongue out, etc.  Their
        usage and meaning will vary, so this is just a starting point.
Spoiler - A warning that a discussion may give away plot points and 
          concepts for a show.


        *I      Definitions            *  
        *       B       Toy Collecting *
Scalper - This term is certainly open to interpretation and debate,
        but I'll give you my best, most general, definition.  A
        scalper is a person who sells currently shipping or recently
        (within the last year) shipped toys at a higher than retail
        price.  Some people add the additional stipulation that this
        only applies to people who buy the toys off the store shelves
        and sell them for a profit, but some people apply that term
        to individuals who get their toys directly from the toy
        company as well.  As I said, the term is open to debate and
        this is not necessarily an end-all definition, but rather a
        starting point.
Hoarder - This is a person who buys "hot" toys, often multiples of
        the same toy, and holds on to it in hopes that they will
        appreciate in value.


        *I      Definitions            *
        *       C       Playtrek       *
Bina - An amalgam of the names "Bill" and "Vina", this is a long
	standing joke on Playtrek about Bill Eggler as Vina, the
~	Orion slave.  There was a picture and an amusing website,
~	but Bill's annoying co-workers force it off the web (the
~	wankers!)


        *II     Abbreviations          *
        *       A       Internet       *
~AFAiK - As Far As I Know
BTW   - By The Way
FAQ   - Frequently Asked Questions
FWIW - For What It's Worth
IMHO  - In My Humble Opinion
IMO   - In My Opinion
LMK  - Let Me Know
LOL  - Lots Of Laughs --or-- Laugh Out Loud
ROTFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off
TTYL - Talk To You Later
~WTF - What The F***
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary


        *II     Abbreviations          *
        *       B       Toy Collecting *
AA     - Art Asylum
FS     - For Sale
FT     - For Trade
HTF    - Hard To Find
KB     - Kaybee Toys
MIB/P  - Mint In Box/Package
MIMB/P - Mint in Mint Box/Package
MOC    - Mint On Card
MOMC   - Mint On Mint Card
MOQ    - Minimum Order Quantity
NRFB/P - Never Removed From Box/Package
PM     - Playmates Toys, Inc.
rtaf   - the newsgroup (now defunct)
rtafd  - the newsgroup
rtafm  - the newsgroup
rtm    - the newsgroup
RTM    - Raving Toy Maniac (a website devoted to toys)
TF     - ToyFare (the toy magazine)
TRU    - Toys R Us
WFS    - Warp Factor Series (Playmates Toys)
WM     - Walmart
WTB    - Wanted To Buy
WTT    - Wanted To Trade


        *II     Abbreviations          *
        *       C       Playtrek       *
AGT    - All Good Things... (the TNG episode)
BOBW   - Best Of Both Worlds (the TNG episode)
COTEOF - City On The Edge Of Forever (the TOS episode)
CT     - Customization Tip
DS9    - Deep Space Nine
ENT   - Enterprise (the TV series)
MM     - Mirror, Mirror (the TOS episode)
OT     - Off Topic
POTA   - Piece Of The Action (the TOS episode)
POTM  - Playtrekker of the Month
SP     - SPoiler warning
STAS   - Star Trek: the Animated Series
STTE   - Star Trek The Experience (the Las Vegas attraction)
T&T    - Trials & Tribble-ations (the DS9 episode)
TNG    - The Next Generation
TOS    - The Original Series (Star Trek)
VOY    - Voyager


        *III    Q & A                  *
        *       A       Internet       *
Q: I'm new to mailing lists.  Is there anything I should know about?
A: Yes.  The definitive guide to mailing list etiquette can be found
at the following URL:
Read it, learn it, live it, and you will have a successful experience
on any mailing list (and the internet in general).


        *III    Q & A                  *
        *       B       Toy Collecting *
Q: I've got a figure/toy with French writing on the card/box.  What's
the deal with that?
A: More than likely, that's a Canadian release.  In Canada, the law
requires that all packaging have both English and French writing.
Usually, the Canadian issues are released in less quanitities than
their US counterparts, although that fact does not necessarily mean
that a Canadian item is more or less rare than the US version or in
demand.  Many items that saw release in the US were never released in
Canada.  But the opposite is also true on occasion.

Q: Who is Mara Hart?
A: Mara Hart was the customer representative for Playmates Toys.  She 
handled questions, complaints, and feedback in the latter years that
Playmates Toys was handling the Star Trek line.  She is no longer
with the company.

Q: Who is Chris Overley?
A: Chris Overley was the production manager for Playmates Toys Star
Trek toy line.  He left the company in May of 1998.

Q: What is the Art Asylum web address?

Q: How do I contact Art Asylum?
~A: Art Asylum
~   325 Gold Street
~   Brooklyn, NY 11201
~   Tel: (718) 254-0504
~   Fax: (718) 254-0510
~   URL:

Q: What is the Playmates web address?

Q: How do I contact Playmates Toys?
A: Playmates Toys, Inc.
   16200 S. Trojan Way
   La Mirada, CA  90638
   Phone: 714/428-8000
   Fax: 714/739-2912 (may no longer be valid)

Q: What retail stores carry Star Trek toys?
~A: Not all retailers are carrying the Art Asylum line of Star Trek
~toys.  Those that do carry them are not carrying *all* of them:
     Ames             Bradlees     Big Lots          
     Circus World*    Eckerds      FAO Schwarz*      KayBee Toys*
     K-Mart           Meijer       Odd Lots          Service Merchandise
     Spencer Gifts    Target       Toy Liquidators*  Toys 'R' Us*
     Toy Works*       Venture      Wal-Mart          Walgreens
     Many comic book stores also sell toys, albeit at higher prices.
     *These store are exclusively toy stores

Q: How can I contact these retail stores?
A: For a comprehensive list of addresses, phone numbers, e-mail
addresses, and URLs, FAQ used to
be at the URL:
But it seems to have gone missing.  Anybody know where to find it
these days?

Q: Where can I mail order Star Trek toys?
A: These kind folks come highly recommended by Playtrek list members.

   New Force Comics & Collectibles
   Rick & Bridget Whitelock
   Mailing address
     P.O. Box 1314
     Lynn Haven, FL 32444
   Warehouse address
     3000 S Hwy 77
     Warehouse 233
     Lynn Haven, FL 32444
   Phone: 850/769-1745
   Fax: 850/265-0909

Q: Someone on the Internet wants to trade/sell me a toy.  How do I
know I can trust them?
A: If it's a Playtrekker you're dealing with, you can try the good
trader list at the following URL:

Q: What books or magazines have information about or sell Star Trek
A: Highly recommended is a book titled "Star Trek Toys by Playmates"
written by Playtrekker Kelly Hoffman.  It can be ordered at:
~Also available are the magazines ToyFare and Wizards.  Consult
~your local comic shop or book retailer for magazine availability.


        *III    Q & A                  *
        *       C       Playtrek       *
Q: I have a Thomas Riker figure on DS9 card.  Is it rare?
A: Playmates put out two editions of a Lieutenant Thomas Riker 4.5"
figure in the US.  The first, is on a TNG card and has Tom Riker in
the golden TNG series uniform with high collar.  This one is
considered rare and can be difficult and expensive to obtain on the
aftermarket.  The second issue of Tom Riker is on a DS9 card and
features Tom wearing the DS9 uniform with rolled up sleeves
(actually, it's the body from the first O'Brien figure).  This one
is fairly common and can be easily obtained on the aftermarket at a
low price (with a little footwork).  There was also a Canadian
release of the yellow uniformed, high collar, painted-over-rips
Thomas Riker on a TNG card.  While difficult to find, its rarity is
unknown compared to the US release.

Q: Why is the "Redemption" Data figure so hard to find?
A: This 4.5" figure has Data in the red TNG-style uniform with high
collar.  It was released in two formats.  The Canadian issue has
French writing on the card and, while difficult and expensive to
find, it is not as difficult as the American issue.  Although the
Data figure is shown on the back of the cards from that series, the
American issue was only available through the JC Penney 4-pack
catalog offer.  Rumors persist that it was available in limited
release at the stores, but that has not been confirmed.  And yes,
Playmates made a mistake: Data never wore a red uniform in the
"Redemption" episodes.

Q: Why is the "Trials & Tribble-ations" O'Brien figure so hard to
A: This figure, featuring O'Brien wearing a red TOS uniform, was part
of Playmates' 1997 limited figure program.  The other figures in the 
program include Beverly Crusher in "Generations" uniform and McCoy in
Dress uniform (from "Journey to Babel") and were limited to a
quantity of 10,000 figures.  The T&T O'Brien was also limited to
10,000 figures, but only approximately 5000 figures made it to
actual release.  Where are the remaining 5000 figures?  Playmates
states that some were released to foreign distributors, released to
Paramount Studios for promotional purposes, and given away as part of
Dairy Queen's 1997 Star Trek promotion.  In their usual vague style,
Playmates has been unable to confirm exactly how many of the missing
5000 figures went where, although Chris Overley has said that about
3000 shipped internationally.  The whole issue has been severely
obfuscated, and answers are not clear.  The best educated guess is
that the 10000 O'Briens were spread very thin among the over-produced
WFS1 figures causing them to be more difficult to find AND many were
held back and given away as part of the Triple Tribbles promotion.

Q: I've heard that the Dathon figure with a POG instead of a trading
card was released, but I've never seen it.  Is it for real?
A: Yes, it exists.  The Dathon with POG was released only in
Australia and England.  It's unknown exactly how many were made, but
this item can be very difficult and expensive to obtain.  The current
best estimates are that there were only 1100 released.

Q: Where can I get current information on Star Trek toys and 
A: The most current places for information is the Playtrek mailing
list.  You might also try the Art Asylum website's message boards-- if
you can actually get their website to work.  Many have reported problems
with their site, due to the flash and java software they are using.

Q: What is Mara's Corner?
A: Mara's Corner was a structured question and answer session featured
only on the Playtrek mailing list and RTM.  Playtrek members submitted
their questions to John Cline, the Mara's Corner runner, via email 
or via the Mara's Corner website.  On the 1st of each month, John
gathered the questions and sent them to Mara Hart.  She answered the
questions to the best of her ability and posted them to Playtrek as
soon as possible.  Unfortunately, with the demise and redesign of
RTM, the past issues of Mara's Corner are no longer available.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from Playtrek?
A: For the regular mailing list, send the following message
        BODY: unsubscribe
For the digest mailing list, send the following message
        BODY: unsubscribe

Q: What is the digest version of Playtrek?
A: The digest version takes all the Playtrek messages and puts them
into one big file.  At least once a day or when the file exceeds 50K
bytes, the file is sent out to digest subscribers.  This helps if you
don't want to get individual messages.

Q: How do I subscribe to the digest version of Playtrek?
A: Send any message

Q: How do I subscribe to the regular version of Playtrek?
A: Send any message

Q: What are the Huntsville figures?
A: These were two 4.5" figures produced exclusively for the 1996 "One
Weekend on Earth" Star Trek event in Huntsville, Alabama.  They are
Scotty and Sulu from the TOS episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
where Scotty is wearing the gold/yellow shirt and Sulu is wearing
the light blue sciences shirt.  They were only produced in quantities
of 10000 each, although the foot numbering was messed up by the
factory, so many can be found with numbers higher than 10000.  They
originally retailed for $15 each, so don't expect to find them for
less than that unless loose.

Q: What are the 1701/3000 figures?
A: Released in 1996, these 4.5" figures had a very limited release.
They are Picard from "Tapestry" (the Picard head on a Generations
Kirk body), Yar from "Yesterday's Enterprise" (the Yar head on a
repainted Ensign Ro body), and Barclay from
"Projections" (the Barclay head on a Voyager body).  The
Picard and Yar were limited to only 1701 copies each and the Barclay
was limited to only 3000.

Q: Where can I buy the Picard from "Tapestry", Yar from "Yesterday's
Enterprise", and Barclay from "Projections" figures and how much will
they cost?
A: Because these figures were extremely limited, they are very
difficult to obtain.  The aftermarket value will vary, but typical
prices are: Picard - $500, Yar - $350, and Barclay - $250.  Those
~prices are typical and should not be taken as an actual value.  The
~decline in Playmates Star Trek toys' value has caused the value of 
~these to decline significantly in recent years.

Q: Did Playmates Toys re-issue the Picard from "Tapestry", Yar from
"Yesterday's Enterprise", and Barclay from "Projections" figures?
A: Yes and no.  They were re-issued in a three-pack on March 1998.
but not re-issued them individually on their own card.

Q: What are the Kaybee exclusive figures?
A: Exclusive to Kaybee Toys, Playmates issued several 9" dolls that
retailed for $39.99 each.  Because of the high price tag and limited
quantity, these items can be difficult and expensive to obtain in
the aftermarket.  The items released to date are:
1996 - Kirk and Spock from "Piece of the Action" -  5000 each.
1997 - Kirk and Spock from "City on the Edge of Forever" - 6500 each.
1998 - Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura from "Mirror, Mirror" - 7200 each.
1999 - Sulu and Marlena from "Mirror, Mirror" - 6500 each.
1999 - Kirk and Spock from "Amok Time" - 5000 each.
1999 - Trelane and Edith Keeler - 5000 each.
2000 - 12" Kirk and Spock from STII:TWOK - 5000 each.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a problem with the Playtrek mailing
A: Email to "".

Q: How do I get a copy of this FAQ?
A: It's available at the Playtrek website:

Q: What are "The Rules" and how do I get a copy of them?
A: It's available at the Playtrek website:
Under both the "Join Playtrek" option and under the Features option
listed as "Playtrek Welcome Message".  You should have gotten a copy
of this when you first subscribed to Playtrek.  However, if you threw
it away or lost it, please retrieve it from the above URLS and put it
in a safe place.

Q: Is there a Playtrek web page?
A: Yes.  It's maintained by Playtrekker Chris Doyle at:
Also, the Playtrek Family Album, maintained by John Schmidt is at:

Q: How did Playmates ensure their limited items are limited to the
amount specified?
A: Direct from a Playtrek message by Mara Hart-- "Just wanted to
share with you information regarding the numbering of figures when
it comes to limited number exclusives.  If the packaging is  printed
with wording specifying the limited quantity, normally they will
keep the serial number just equal to the order quantity. In this
case there is no supplement for the licensor samples. Also if
certain numbers are destroyed due to Quality Control inspections,
another figure would be made with the serial number the same as the
one destroyed.  If there was to be an international order, then the
number would begin in the case of Kaybee exclusive limited to 7,200
at 7,201. It is not confirmed at this point if any have been ordered
for international distribution.  However, the international figures
would not have the 7,200 sticker on them, only that they are a
Kaybee exclusive."

Q: What mail-in exclusive are available via ToyFare magazine?
A: The following are the 4.5" figures that were issued.  Note that
these items were not carded, but only came in a pre-printed box
(Picard and LaForge are simple white boxes).
Item                                            Issue #     Date of issue
Tapestry Picard II (Picard head on blue TNG)    10          Jun 1998
Tarchanean LaForge (re-issue in clear plastic)  13          Sep 1998
Spock in Environmental Suit                     15          Nov  1998
Transporting Tasha Yar                          19          Mar 1999
Kirk from "Piece of the Action"                 ???         ??? 1999
7 of 9 in plum jumpsuit                         ???         ??? 1999

Q: I'm having trouble or want to contact ToyFare about my mail-in
figures.  How do I contact them?
A: ToyFare's customer service number is 914/268-3594.  Also, try
sending an e-mail to  Telephone contact gets better
results, though.

Q: What is the mail-away/"Crossroads in Time" Sisko?
A: In 1994, with the purchase of the Sega Genesis and/or SuperNintendo
video game, "Deep Space Nine/Crossroads in Time" there was a mail-in
certificate for a 4.5" Commander Sisko in duty uniform.  The body used
for this figure has never been used elsewhere and is unique to this
figure-- notable by they uniform cuffs visible at the wrists.
Playmates reports there was 3800 of this figure produced.  It was
shipped in a simple bubble wrapper and is sealed in a simple clear,
plastic bag.  Comes with no accessories and letter of description.
With the limited availability and the high cost of the video game
(which was necessary to get the figure), this is an expensive and
highly sought item.

Q: What is the Tri-Fold Borg?
A: The Tri-Fold Borg is the rarest of the rare in Star Trek toys
in that it was never released to the general public and was only
given away as a promotional item in very limited numbers.  In 1996,
Playmates released a 1992 issue Borg in special promotional packaging
to promote their release of First Contact toys.  The term "tri-fold"
refers to the special three-sided packaging that has two flaps that
open up to reveal the Borg in all its glory and a promotional sales
pitch written inside the flaps.  Most were given away to toy buyers
and other promotional purposes.  Estimates are, there were less than
1000 put into circulation-- probably less are now available when you
consider that many were given to kids to tear open and play with or
simply thrown away when the owner didn't really care about it or know
what they had.

Q: I have a "Generations" Crusher.  Is it a limited edition?
A: There are two different "Generations" Crusher figures.  First
is the 4.5" action figure release in the "Star Trek: Generations"
line of toys.  It had the Crusher head on a uniform body that was
supposed to be used in the film, but was never used.  Apparently
Playmates already had the figures in production when the producers
of "Generations" decided to use the regular DS9 uniforms for the
movie instead, so the uniform this figure has has never been seen
on screen.  The second "Generations" Crusher was released in 1997
and is the Crusher head on a re-painted Janeway body.  Note that
this second Crusher figure was part of Playmates' limited edition
program and only 10000 figures were released, hence it is a highly
sought item.  If someone tries to sell you a "Generations" Crusher
as a limited edition, be sure to verify it's in the generic Star
Trek packaging and not the "Star Trek: Generations" packaging.

Q: How many of the non-US only Crusher/7of9 sets (the last 4.5"
figures ever produced by Playmates Toys) were produced?
A: According to reliable sources approximately 1500 UK sets (with
the triangular hole tab on the cards) and about 2500 Australian sets
(with the J-hook tab on the cards) were produced.

Q: What is Playtrekfest?
A: Playtrekfest is the annual party co-hosted by listowner Robert
Porter, usually held in June, where Playtrekkers gather *in person*
and enjoy Trek toy gluttony.  Generally there are games, giveaways,
food, and lots of fun with everyone enjoying shared experiences.

Q: What is the Playtrekker of the Month program?
A: It's a simple way to recognize the contributions to Playtrek of a
Playtrekker each month.  Further information on the Playtrekker of
the Month program can be found at:

Q: How do I go about nominating someone for Playtrekker of the Month?
A: Nominations are made by posting to the Playtrek mailing list who
is being nominated and why.  A Playtrekker can only nominate one
person per month.  Committee members are not eligible.  Past winners
are not eligible for one full year after winning the POTM honor.

Q: What New Force exclusives were made by Playmates?
A: There were four different exclusives.  In addition to what is shown
below, there were also an additional 500 unboxed and unnumbered 
"Flashback" Janeways produced.
Item                                         Numbered     Quantity
4.5" Captain Janeway from "Flashback"        Yes          10000
4.5" "Amok Time" twinpack (Kirk & Spock)     Yes          3000
12" "Piece of the Action" Kirk               Yes          1000
12" "Piece of the Action" Spock              Yes          1000

Q: How are the New Force exclusive 12" "Piece of the Action" Kirk and
Spock dolls from Playmates different from the European versions?
A: On the European version, Spock's right hand was giving the Vulcan
split fingered peace sign; on the New Force exclusive version, Spock's
hand was the regular grip hand.  The New Force versions also came with
the "Exclusive to New Force" sticker.  There were approximately 1100
of the European sets and 1000 of the New Force sets.  Also, when the
New Force sets were distributed, they were matched so that the Kirk
and Spock dolls had matching sequence numbers.

~Q: I'm having trouble accessing Art Asylum's website, including their
~message boards.  What's up with that?
~A: Art Asylum's website is intense on flash, javascript and all sort of
~the latest and greatest things for the web.  Unfortunately, this is a
~major annoyance and won't work if you are running WebTV, MacIntosh, or
~other non-Windows operating systems or are running older version of
~web browser software that doesn't support these new-fangled web features.
~Art Asylum is aware of the problem but shows little interest in 
~addressing it.

~Q: Art Asylum's Star Trek line appears to be struggling to survive.  Will
~it continue?
~A: As long as it remains viable and the contract with Paramount remains,
~Art Asylum is committed to continue their Star Trek line.  The best way
~to support the line and ensure its continued existance is to buy their
~products from brick and mortar stores at the full retail price.

Q: How do I say "toys" and "action figures" in other languages?
A: See below
       Arabic toys - lua'ab
       Australian toys - toys
       Australian action figures - action figures  ;)
       Chinese toys - Wanju
       Danish toys - legetoj
       Dutch toys - speelgoed
       French toys - jouet/bebelle
       French action figures - figurine articule/bonhomme
       French Canadian toys - jouet/bebelle
       French Canadian action figures - figurine d'action/bonhomme
       German toys - spielzeug
       German action figures - aktionsfigur
       Greek toys - pechnithia
       Hebrew toys - Tsa-ah-tsu-eem (!?)
       Indonesian toys - mainan anak anak
       Italian toys - negozio di giocattoli
       Japanese toys - omocha
       Korean toys - Jangnangaam
       Portuguese toys - os brinquedos
       Russian toys - Ee-groosh-kee (!?)
       Spanish toys - jugetes
       Spanish (Castillian) toys - juguetes
       Thai toys - Konglen


The following people are thanked for their contributions to this FAQ:
	Charles Apple
	Ben Barackman
	John Enriquez
	Jeff Gillmer
        Scott Gordon 
        Mara Hart 
        Kevin Johnston 
        David J. Moore 
        Robert Porter 
	Rick Whitelock
If you note any incorrect, outdated, or missing data from this FAQ,
please contact the Playtrek Adminstrator at "".