Ode To Playtrek #1
Last Update: 1/3/99


Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 14:02:24 +0100
From: newworld@ezo.net (Don Hi11en*****)
Subject: Ode to Playtrekfest
Message-ID: v01520d06b170a9c589d6@[]

A thought keeps going 'cross my mind:
Today is Playtrekfest,
I'd love to be heading 'cross state lines;
And be one of the blessed.

In Berto's house they'll gather, all,
And put those names with faces,
And moan about how Playmates seems
So clueless about what grace is.

At Playtrekfest they'll sit and chat
About their vast collections.
And speak of many items that
Are cause for palpatations.

They'll ooh and ahh and and be amazed,
"You've got Redemption Data?"
And soon enough their eyes will glaze,
As food they pass 'round plates of.

They'll complain about the spotty paint,
And how LE's are a pain,
Then settle down and lament,
The power-grunt Trelane.

It'll be great fun for one and all,
They'll talk into the night,
But not everyone is at the ball,
Some couldn't make a flight.

Aries is in Seattle-town,
Diehard Don's out for the count,
Chris Rei is west in Hollywood,
(Outside of Paramount!)

And me I'm stuck in Buckeye State,
Not bound for Delaware,
For if I was it would be great,
The gang will all be there.

So if you're at the party, folks,
Raise your voices in concerto,
And drink to us, the absent ones,
Yes, toast us with Roberto.