PlayTrek Poetry
Winner #1
Last Update: 4/8/99


How do I love thee, Playmates' Star Trek toys,
let me count the ways....

by: Andrew Novasitis

We all when crazy when,
it started back in '92.
Before exclusives arrived
and LEs made us all blue.

It sure started in a grand fashion,
there was plenty to gather.
Picard, Data, Riker and the crew,
even a Romulan and Borg to make us lather.

Then came figures by the tons,
Esoqq, Locutus, all looking so bold.
So many terrific plastic shaped people,
but why was Admiral McCoy looking so old?

Lo and behold the original crew appeared,
they were boxed up, one and all.
Deep Space Nine characters then emerged,
Sisko, Dax and even Dr. Bashir paid a call.

The cinema called the members of The Next Gen,
Generations, yeah that's the name.
They made the figures, even a few Kirks,
but wrong uniforms, so who's to blame?

Much plastic folk followed of every sort,
some great, some headswaps, wow, a Nausicaan.
By this time, assortments grew by leaps and bounds,
each and every figure was like a kin.

Along came Voyager, ship and crew they were lost,
but this only meant more figures to be found.
Janeway, B'Elanna, all excellent visages to discern,
even an un-named Doctor, how profound.

Then came a dark period where hope should have been,
for among a few gems, something certainly lurked.
Amidst Blood Oath Klingon Dax then came the 1701,
for this, each and every one felt jerked.

What has happened to our beloved figures?
we are left to wonder, scratch our head.
Even sultry Vina couldn't dance away,
this deep, sinking sense of dread.

The cinema again called, a gathering of borgs,
to commemorate this, a change we must.
First Contact brought us the scale of six,
collector resentment, nothing but a bust.

Again, what with elusive Barclay and Yar,
should not Playmates have learned?
Make good figures, ones easy to obtain,
certainly for that, we all yearned.

What transpired next, the invention of new jargon,
may I introduce to all, the limited editions.
Who knows the reasoning behind this marketing,
why spoil those past fine traditions?

Nigh this time, an idea developed in a mind,
maybe there might be an answer to this all.
A zealous collector named Roberto, daring as he,
pined to act, lest he not acquire them all.

So that one and all would be so informed,
the community Playtrek was given birth.
Shared passions, facts, ideas, frivolity abound,
and grown it has, to personify all its worth.

Thanks to the internet, gizmos so computerized,
pleas are heard, discussed, some are beckoned.
One may even type, "Forget about Paris in PJs,
all I want is that LE doctor second."

Figures of Warp Factor Series have come and gone,
delighted many, angered some, enjoyed by all.
Those scaled in six reborn, ever so shortly,
and the newest vogue, dolls all of twelve so tall.

Electronics even befell this beloved figure line,
the figures transporter arrived, half transparent.
Fanciful sounds and lights, gimmicks are they still,
this much and so much more, 'tis apparent.

Still yet other cinematic offering was released,
here, figures solely of the twelve and nine.
Insurrection, some collectors did want to,
but those beloved 4.5"ers, desirous to be thine.

With recycled figures, exclusives now the future be,
many have proclaimed, surely the end is near.
Nea, behold the torso head from the Queen of Borg,
and that Species 8472, from whence did ye appear?

There are splendid phases in everything,
and there seems always to be stormy times.
For those objects we all hold dear,
alas, just think of those Seven of Nines.

So collect this and that, what one cherishs indeed,
truly be thankful, present, future and past.
For thou art blessed with tolerance, let's hope,
for this passion of ours will always last.