Top Ten Good Things About Being at Playtrekfest 2000
by Andy Novasitis



10. I finally get to meet the legendary bath hero in person, Chris Doyle,  .... and what a person he is.


9. Playtrekfest in Atlanta is just sooo, .... Worf-irific.


8. This is the only place I can whip out my 4 1/2" Gorn and not be laughed at.


7. This makes me personally feel better to know that there are people more obsessed with Trek toys than I am.


6. It's great to see everyone's figures, ... and their toys too.


5. Getting these nifty New Force Comics & Collectibles coupons, good for 100% off your next 25 purchases.


4. Finally, Ted is allowed out of his house.


3. It's just great being around normal people, ... well, give or take a few of you.


2. The food is the best.  Yummy.


and the Number One Good Thing About Being at Playtrekfest 2000:


1. Everyone here knows what I mean when I say that I have a C9ish low numbered MOMC Warp Factor One Euro-T&T O'Brien with brown accessories and the black side of the triple tribbles game piece showing.