Site History

Site History

This page lists the changes made to this site over time.

- Added a couple of new limericks and a haiku to the limericks page.
- Moved a big pile of fun pages from the "news" page to the "stuff" page.
(3/19/2007 Roberto)

- Added the "How many Playtrekkers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?" page.
(6/28/2006 Roberto)

- Added limericks dedicated to Playtrek's Mysterious Benefactor to the limerick contest page.
(7/29/2005 Roberto)

- Added a page of the results from the Playtrek limerick contest (finally!).
(5/9/2005 Roberto)

- Added Playtrek Spock's pictures from Ocean City, NJ.
(4/2005 Emily P.)

- Added Andy's "Top Ten Ways to Embarrass Bill" list up on the NEWS section.
- Changed the Hallmark 1701-A page to reflect that the ornament is getting made for 2005. (Woohoo!)
(3/14/2005 Roberto)

- Added a member link to AndyNova's Playtrek Place. (Not sure why that was missed before...)
(3/7/2005 Roberto)

- Updated the front page.
- Updated the navigation sidebar.
- Updated the Members Links page.
(2/3/2005 Dean)

- Updated the What Is Playtrek? page.
- Updated Subscription page.
- Updated Welcome.txt.
(1/31/2005 Dean)

- Added the Tribute to Steve Turnauer page.
- Moved the Loose collector service page to the Playtrek features page.
(1/14/2005 Roberto)

-Added the page for the Shatner farts
-Moved the banner page link to the "Stuff" section
-Added Roberto's abdication letter announcement
-Added a link to Andy's Playtrekfest 2004 photos
-Removed the Playtrekfest 2004 announcement
-Added the Playtrek 5th anniversary announcement
(9/17/2004 Roberto)

-Updated the Playtrekfest 2004 announcement to include a link to Andy's page with directions.
(6/7/2004 Roberto)

-Added the Playtrekfest 2004 announcement.
-Moved a bunch of items, from the "News" section to the "Playtrek Stuff" section.
-Updated the Playtrek Spock page, adding a link showing Spock's visit to John Schmidt in Washington state.
-Updated the link for Sci_Fi_Amy's site (formerly known as JediAmy).
(4/25/2004 Roberto)

-Added a Playtrek Spock link for his trip to Kentucky.
(4/12/2004 Kelly Preston Hoffman)

-Updated the link for Larry Brooks Playmates site.
(3/1/2004 Roberto)

-Fixed a broken link on the Enterprise-A Hallmark ornament campaign page.
-Updated the Playtrek Spock World Tour page to show Rick Whitelock had him for a while.

(1/15/2004 Roberto)

-Added links on the NEWS section to Dean's Playtrek Toys For Tots drive page.
(11/22/2003 Roberto)

-Added links on the NEWS section for Secret Spock, the Playtrek Limerick Contest, and a Loose Collector service.
(11/18/2003 Roberto)

-Updated the FAQ.
(10/21/2003 Roberto)

-Removed the old Bravenet counter.
(9/15/2003 Roberto)

- Added banner size requirement info to banners page.
(8/30/2003 Tim Priebe)

-Added banners (well, just one so far) to the front page.
-Added a link to the banners page from the links page.
-Added info on submitting your banner for front-page display to the banners page.
- Moved Star Trek computer-looking page header on this page to the top right instead of top left.

(8/29/2003 Tim Priebe)

-Added a link to Chris Brown's page. Get your Trek related page in for all to see!
(8/25/2003 Tiberiusguy)

-Removed some old, dead member links and added some new ones to Playtrekker Michael Heintz's sites.
-Added a more prominent link to Kelly Hoffman's Star Trek Toys by Playmates book.
(8/22/2003 Roberto)

-Added new Tricorder flash animation for the front navigation.
(8/18/2003 Tim Priebe)

-Added a page for Playtrek banners.
(8/3/2003 Roberto)

-Removed the Playtrekfest 2003 and Playtrek Glassware announcements from the News page and added links to Andy and Bill's photos of the event.
-Moved a whole bunch of the older links from the News page to the Features page as they'd been there for quite a while now.
(7/31/2003 Roberto)

-Added a member link to Playtrekker Todd Bennett's web site
(7/11/2003 Roberto)

-Changed the url for the Mailing List Etiquette FAQ on the Welcome Message and the Playtrek FAQ, as the previous one was no longer valid.
(6/18/2003 Roberto)

-Removed the redundant Playtrekfest 2003 link on the News page.
(5/15/2003 Roberto)

-Added directions to the Playtrekfest 2003 page.
-Added more links to the Member Links page.
(5/13/2003 Kelly Hoffman)

-Fixed a broken link on the Customs page.
(5/12/2003 Tim Priebe)

-Added links for Larry Brooks, EnsignAmy, and Craig Fraser to the Links page.
(4/29/2003 Tiberius)

-Added a link to a new Playtrekfest 2003 page.
(4/22/2003 Roberto)

-Added a link to Joe Traum's Playtrek glassware offer.
(4/15/2003 Chuck Dobbins)

-Added a link to the Hallmark 1701-A Enterprise ornament campaign.
(3/30/2003 Roberto)

-Fixed the Welcome Message so that it had Aries' correct email address.
(3/27/2003 Roberto)

-Added the long lost Ultarama/Playtrek display contest photos.
-Removed the link to Bina's photo.  Apologies to Bill for any embarrassment.
-Added the photos of Playtrek Spock in Reading, PA.
(3/26/2003 Roberto)

-Started this Site History page.
(3/25/2003 Roberto)