Calling all Playtrekers!!

Playtrek is proud to present "Playtrek Spock's World Tour" And Photo Contest!

A Playmates 9 inch Spock has been given a special unique mini Playtrek T-shirt and he wants to visit YOU! All you have to do is follow a few simple guidelines and rules:

1. Send your name and mailing address to Please indicate if you are willing to forward mail Playtrek Spock to a foreign Playtreker address.

2. You will be notified via e-mail when Playtrek Spock is coming your way. Please e-mail back if there would be a problem on him coming. (Out of town or on vacation, etc.) You will simply be moved down the list but he will still come the next time itís OK.

3. Let Playtrek Spock hang out at your place and take pictures to prove he was there. Take him to work. Take him to any local sites. You should at least take one picture with you and Playtrek Spock in the picture.  Additional pictures can be taken for the contest. (See below) You do not need to participate in the contest to participate in Playtrek Spock's World Tour.

4. By signing up you agree to send the Playtrek Spock onto his next destination that will be given to you via e-mail (at your shipping cost of course) And Please send him with care!

5. All Playtrekers are encouraged to participate!! Foreign and Domestic!!

CONTEST: Prizes (to be announced) will be given away for most unusual photos with Spock... Bonus for pictures with celebrities ... the ultimate bonus will be given to anyone who can get Leonard Nimoy to pose with the Playtrek Spock. Photos must be submitted to either or mailed to an address that will be provided upon request.

Playtrek will not be responsible for any lost or misdirected photos.

All photos will be posted on the Playtrek website to track his journey around the world.

So Playtrekers what are you waiting for...  Sign up and Playtrek Spock may be beaming to your home real soon.

Any questions can be directed to me at either or


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For a sneak preview, Here's Spock getting it out of his system in Las Vegas...

Playtrek Spock celebrates Pon Faar in Vegas!