Top Ten read on David Letterman the nest day
(written by Paul St. Laurent)

The category tonight in keeping with the festivities of the evening, Top Ten
things learned in the Playtrek Survivor contest.  This is a list now of ten
things learned by the survivor Playtrek survivors while they were in the
contest surviving.

And now presenting the top ten list, fourteen players from the blockbuster
Playtrek contest, Playtrek Survivor.

10.  Chief O'Brien - "Leftover station parts from DS9 can get you a grand
on eBay."

9.  Captain James T. Kirk -"After being in your arms for a few seconds,
chicks realize you're James T. Kirk."

8. Data - "Anytime you feel like a couple nights off duty, just fake

7.  Chang, Torres, Dax and Worf - "Gak is tasty."

6.   Commander Geordi LaForge and Chief Engineer Mr. Scott - "If the
Captain asks you to participate in a docking port diagnostic, make sure it's for
the ship."

5.  Tom Paris "The best thing about the delta quadrant, No Letterman!"

4.  Voyager ship computer - "Now I know where I'm gonna go if George W.
Bush gets elected president."

3.  Rick Berman - "If you prepare a Star Trek script by carefully
writing, editing, rewriting, directing and producing it, it's still pretty bad."

2.  Seven of Nine - "Months later I still got implants in places I wished
I didn't."

1. Borg Queen - "A removable torso is a beautiful thing."
<Shot of the Borg Queen showing off her removable torso on camera,
embarrassing Letterman to no end>

Letterman- "You know, I think a lot of people at home are going to feel
much better about themselves after seeing that."

There you have it folks.  Watch Regis Live tomorrow.  The Borg Queen, big
winner of the Playtrek Survivor contest will be Reege's cohost for the
day.  Soon afterward, Gelman will be joining the collective.