The Top Twelve Signs you are a Star Trek action figure variation addict
by Andy Novasitis

12.  For every new item you find, you drink a Frappuccino to celebrate.

11.  Every time you go shopping, you have to rent a U-Haul to bring it all home.

10.  You buy identical items - one with the price tag sticker on it and another without the price tag sticker.

9.  Two words: declaring bankruptcy.

8.  It takes forty days and forty nights to show your entire collection to someone.

7.  You make up your own variations by sneezing on the boxes.

6.  You have a heart attack when you learn that a Dathon figure was found with an upside down pog in it.

5.  You expose dark brown 4.5" figure accessories to ultraviolet light in an attempt to make them fade, so that you now have light brown accessories.

4.  An Item contained in your Last Will and Testament specifically bequeaths your entire MicroMachines collection to your favorite nephew.

3.  You switch 9" Seven of Nine's body with a Daisy Duke body, to make your very own hillbilly borg variation.

2.  Every time your husband/wife wears something different, you shout that it's a variation and you immediately put him/her in one of those lifesized plastic holders.

... and, the Number One Sign you are a Star Trek action figure variation addict:

1.  To take a picture of your entire collection, you have to use a national weather satellite.