About Playtrek
Last Update: 1/28/2005

What is Playtrek? Simply put, Playtrek is a mailing list dedicated to the discussion of Star Trek toys and collectibles.

Okay, that's a bit terse. The full reality is that Playtrek is a friendly mailing list where collectors of Star Trek toys and collectibles can gather to talk about Trek-related collecting. From Mego to Art Asylum, from plates to trading cards, from MIP to loose, everything is fair game for discussion. Members help each other find items, and there's often contests to be won and parties to be planned on-line.

If you are not familiar with an internet email mailing list, here's a brief explanation. When you sign up to a mailing list, your email address is added to a membership file of email addresses. Members can post a message to the list by sending an email to a special "posting" email address that receives the message and distributes it out to all the email addresses in the membership file. These messages, even though sent out to the list by the mailing list software, are made to look like they came from the original person who sent the message (aka, the poster). Members will get this message in their email inboxes. They can then reply to it either by private email to the poster or to the mailing list. In this way, members can almost carry on a conversation by email and every other member can read and respond.

The volume or number of daily messages on Playtrek is typically about 10-15 messages a day, although when something exciting is going on, the volume may rise to two or three times that much. If that volume is too high, there is a digest version available, which provides all the list messages in one big message and itemized for ease of reading and finding information. Many find the digest desireable to help them manage the volume of email, although it does not provide a real-time method of reading the list messages.

Let me also stress that Playtrek is a private email mailing list. This means that members are protected from spammers, unwanted binary downloads, and other undesirable things. Only the Playtrek owner and administrative assistants have access to the membership list, and this list is never distrubted to any other parties. All messages to the mailing list are considered private and cannot be forwarded or quoted outside the mailing list without the original author's permission.

For information about subscribing to Playtrek, see the Subscription Information page.

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