Toys they DIDN'T make!

Playmates Toys made over 250 4.5" figures and only 89 9" dolls for their Star Trek license.  Still, they just barely scratched the surface and left many, many highly desired Trek toys unmade.  These toys are now left to toy customizers (who make their own) or simple wishful thinking.

Along those lines, here is a list of 4.5" figures and 9" dolls that Playmates didn't make but we wished they did.

Click HERE for the list of 4.5" figures
Click HERE for the list of 9" dolls

These lists are far from complete (if they ever could be).  They are culled from many different sources-- mostly from various postings by Playtrekkers over the past year.  For the 4.5" list, I've tried to be as thorough as possible, still some of the items are listed with a "???" indicating missing information.  If you can provide the missing information or you have some figure ideas that are not on the list, write to me, Robert, at and I will add the information accordingly.  Any help would be highly appreciated.

Also, I have the data in an Excel spreadsheet.  If you'd like a copy of the spreadsheet, email me at the sleestak2 address with your request and I'll be glad to provide it via email.