It's over!!!

The big winner: Borg Queen!

64 went in, 61 went out.  Tonight, it's down to the final three.  Voting is closed and your votes have been counted.  It's all over and one winner will go home with... well, not a million dollars, but the honor of being declared the big winner.  As it is, all of *you* Playtrekkers who played the game since everyone participating gets a prize.  Some just get better prizes than others.

Without further blathering from me, your host, here we go.  The numbers shown are for how many votes a Player got to go.

Worf: 13
Borg Queen: 9
Deep Space Nine: 14

The winner-- Borg Queen!

Despite being occupied by Cardassians, Bajorans, Dominion and Federation over the course of several years, and enduring and holding the line during the Dominion war-- Deep Space Nine goes down in flames.

Despite surviving seven plus years on the Enterprise under a bald captain, four years on a space station under another bald captain, dying on at least four different occasions, being
imprisoned by countless alien races, defeating the Borg Queen and her army on at least three occasions, ostracization by his own people, killing the leader of his people and ushering
a new era by handing over Chancellorship to another-- Worf goes down in flames.

Despite being beaten by Picard, beaten by Janeway, and not being smart enough to realize Federation members walking around her ships was a threat-- the Borg Queen wins!

I guess there's something to be said for being able to remove your head from your body.

Congrats to Miss Borg Queen for her victory.

...and read the Top Ten List as read by the Playtrek Survivors on David Letterman.

The Original Players are below:

TEAM TOS - Star Trek: The Original Series

TEAM TNG - Star Trek: The Next Generation

TEAM DS9 - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

TEAM VOY - Star Trek: Voyager

This is the end of the Players list