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______   Welcome to the Custom Figure Section of the Playtrek home page. Hopefully you'll find this useful in completing your own custom Star Trek figures. Alot of the tips and suggestions on here can also be incorporated into other toy-lines as well... But we're only going to cover Star Trek here.

     Not all sections are complete yet. I've done up some sections and others were submitted by other members of Playtrek. I'm surprised that more Playtrekkers haven't been as eager in sharing their ideas and tips with the rest of us. So far the one section that is getting alot of attention is the Recipes section. Recipes are great and always appreciated, but if people don't know how to do a Sculpting procedure or a Painting technique, then the recipes won't be much help to them. If you'd like to submit a tip or a suggestion & help out the other Playtrekkers in need, simply use the link on the left to send an email. Due to limits of spare time, your submissions will be added to the Customs Database within a few weeks. - Please check the other tips for the format in which your submissions should be sent. This will make things move alot quicker and get your submission posted faster.

UPDATE: January 10, 2003
I've left the Playtrek mailing list and I guess I'll now relinquish maintenance duties of the Playtrek Custom Section. Any and all submissions can still be sent to the email address customs@bountyhuntertoys.com, but once a new "Janitor" takes over they should then be sent to them. It's been fun updating this section of the site, and I'm glad my submissions will be a part of it for (hopefully) a long time to come. I need a break. Star Trek has lost it's in way in my opinion, and lately so has the Playtrek list - again, I state this in my own personal opinion. I've left playtrek before knowing I'd be back on it. This time however I'm not sure when I'lkl be back - or even if. Thanks for 5 years of Playtrek. Keep customizing and please encourage others do so as well

Thank you,                                                              

Michael "The Bountyhunter" Heddle
Playtrek Custom Section maintained by Michael Heddle