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This section will explain how to remove detail from figures.
The main tool you'll need is a Hand-Held Speed Sander.  This tool allows all of the unwanted parts to be removed from a figure.  Hand-held Speed Sanders can be found in numerous types, speeds, styles, and add-ons. They can be purchased in a wide variety of stores. (Hardware, Hobby shops, Discount Stores, etc. )  I've found that the best brand to use is the "Dremel" brand. The main reason I like this specific tool is because there are a lot of accessories that will only fit the "Dremel" brand, or the newer models of the Sears "Craftsmen" tool. Be sure to wear safety glasses, while using these type of tools! I read once that someone forgot to put hers on, and got plastic in here eye, and it took a long time and pain to get it out!  Another thing to remember is that these tools heat up from the rotary action. If your tip gets too hot, it will begin to melt your plastic! So let it cool down after a period of time. Like anything you go to do, as soon as you get started, you find the need to purchase something else. Add-ons are available at a variety of stores where you can find the "Dremel" brand sander.  There is a tool that is called a Flex-Shaft Attachment. It fits several of the "Dremel" rotary tools. Be sure it is compatible with the model that you own. Thee attachment fits on the end of the Dremel. Its the size of a good sized pencil, and you put the tips into the end of this "pencil". With this attachment, you'll have more control.

This little tool is used for slicing up a variety of things!  I've used it to cut hair off or trim body parts when I didnt have my trusty "Dremel".  This can be found almost anywhere where models are sold, most likely hobby stores. Careful, these are VERY SHARP... I've slipped twice... and it's NOT PRETTY, unless you like spilling blood.  Only use this if you have a sturdy hand!

*Removing Features tip provided by Myke Furhman