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______ SAFETY
Knowing how to customize safely is the most important technique to learn. Being aware of what you're doing is the best way to avoid personal injury. A careful customizer is someone who never gets glue or paint in their eyes, burns holes in the table or sets the kitchen on fire. No... this doesn't mean you have to go out and get a kit of protective clothing. But it does mean that  when you're drilling, guard your eyes, don't handle a hot apparatus with your bare hands, always cut away from yourself and it's a good idea to wear surgical gloves when you are mixing glues and paints. The materials you use can be potentially hazardous to your health so always heed the manufactures warnings. 

Some basic rules:

1.) Always cut away from yourself.
2.) If you're not sure on how to do something, ask someone.
3.) Be patient... getting mad and throwing around your customs doesn't help.
4.) Always have ALL items you need when you start.... It would be a shame to run out of paint in the middle of a project.
5.) Know your surroundings.... Be sure children and pets can't get to your items while you're working on them, or while they're drying, etc.
6.) Pack EVERYTHING up. When done using X-acto knives, or super-glue, etc. Pack it up. It would be a real shame to have little Timmy glue the dog to the door, or cut up your couch!

Basically, don't do something you're unsure of. 
Use your brain when customizing! - It's the one customizing tool you don't have to buy!