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(From the movie First Contact)

4.5" Version:
Target Data (Body & Head)
DS9 O'Brien (left arm) :DS9 1st Series:
6" Version:
First Contact Data (body & head)
WF 1 O'Brien (left arm)

Remove Datas head using the boil and pop method. Remove Datas right arm from the bicep down. (the arms are usually loose enough to be pulled off on their own). Do the same with O'Briens arm also.  Using an X-acto knife, make a "cut-line" along Datas face where you will be "adding skin". Do the same to O'Briens removed arm also. (See Painting section next, then finish this section). Once the paint has dried, get some sculpey or some soft clay... Something you can sculpt with that will harden without baking or heating it. Cut a portion of Datas head ABOVE where you painted skin... Also do behind his ear a little bit. Add the sculpting material and smooth it out to appear like his hair was... Now add a "superman curl" over his left eye... Also add some hair to the left side of his face to give it that... "Wind Blown Look". (Use pictures for references!) Once done, let it set and paint it to match the other side of his head!! OPTIONAL CHOICE: I painted the Human Side od Datas ete Blue as it was in the movie. You may not want to do that much detail, but I thought I'd mention it.

 I suggest that you try to find a color that will match Datas face. This way you shouldn't need to paint over his existing "android-face". You'll also need to pick a flesh color paint - your choice.... Carefully paint the area of Datas face that will be "human". Try not to paint over the eye, and don't worry if you paint his hair, (I'll deal with that later!). Once you have the Skin side done, paint a rectangle on the O'Brien arm just like the skin-flap that Data has in First Contact. Once all of that Skin-paint is dry, Paint over the ACTUAL skin of O'Brien with the Data color paint. - Be careful not to go over the NEW skin you just added. You may want to paint over Datas Left hand also. Just so they match. Once that dries, you'll have to paint a black line over the part in Datas face now. (Go Back to first section now to finalize your "Skingraph Data") - Good Luck!


4.5 inch figure shown
*Skin-Graph Data : aka : Borg Data  recipe provided by Michael Heddle