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______ DATA from "A Fistful of Datas"

9" Data (Any will do)
9" James West from "Wild Wild West"

Craft paints
Craft glossy varnish
Fine and medium tip paintbrushes
X-acto knife and/or small sculpting tools
Modeling compound (air drying or baking)
Hair dryer (if you use a baking compound)

    First I removed the clothing from both the dolls and set the Wild Wild West outfit aside.  James West's tie is really tied, so I loosened it a bit to get it over his head, but not too much, as I didn't want the knot to slip (I didn't feel like trying to retie a "micro-tie", I have enough problems with a
real one)

   Data's character wore gloves in this episode.  I took some Super Sculpey compound and filled in Data's fingernails on both hands so they would give the appearance of gloves when painted, rather than simply painted over hands.  There are air drying putties that can be used for this (DAS or Milliput), but I had none on hand so I used the Sculpey.  Sculpey needs baking, so I used a hair dryer set on high heat for several minutes to harden the compound directly on Data's hands.  DO NOT put your doll in the oven, it will melt at the 275 degrees necessary to harden the sculpey!

   After hardening the sculpey with the hair dryer, I painted Data's hands black with acrylic craft paint.  I also put a couple coats of craft gloss varnish over the gloves, to protect the sculpted portions, and to give the appearance of leather gloves.

   Next the mustache.  Using more of the same sculpey and a variety of X-acto blades, I sculpted a mustache for Data right on his face to get the shape and size I wanted.  I also lightly marked the front of the mustache with the X-acto blade, creating vertical lines to give the impression of hair. I was going to use the hair dryer again to harden the mustache, but noticed that Data's head was of a softer vinyl type plastic than his hands, and I was afraid even the hair dryer would melt his head, so I chickened out.  I carefully lifted the mustache off his face and set it onto a cookie sheet and put it in a preheated 275 degree oven for fifteen minutes.  I also had to be careful how I set it onto the cookie sheet, as I didn't want his mustache to lose it's shape in the oven. So I set it down upright, on the edge that would be above Data's lip.

   Once it cooled it was nice and hard and I checked the fit against Data's face.  The shape was still right, so I painted the mustache with acrylic craft paint, choosing the color Burnt Umber, which seemed like a very close match to Data's hair color.  Data's hair is also glossy, so I used a couple coats of the gloss varnish again to make the mustache match the sheen of his hair. Then I placed a small dab of Testors plastic model glue on Data's upper lip and put his new mustache into place.  I was careful not to overdo the glue, as I didn't want the glue seeping around the edges when I put the mustache into place. Tada!

   Now all that was left was to dress him. Making sure everything had enough time to dry properly, I picked up the outfit I'd set aside for him. The pants were no problem, but I used a little extra care handling his new gloved hands as I put on Data's shirt, vest, and coat.  I put the loop of the tie around Data's head now, and tugged on it to tighten the knot around his neck.  Then the gun belt and six shooter.   The sawed off shotgun and extra ammo belt were extras but could be used for the Bandito Data if you plan to make all Data's incarnations for the episode.  I didn't make a mini cigar for Data, but may still get around to that.  Of course, the finishing  touch was the hat.  And there you have him, Data as Frank Hollander from the  TNG episode "A Fistful of Datas".  To me, he's about as dead on as you can  get. I know of a couple inaccuracies though.  Frank's shirt was black with a  white collar and he wore a string bolo tie, not a straight tie, but these are minor inaccuracies in my opinion, as the rest of the outfit is very  close.


*9" "Fistful of Datas" Data recipe provided by Paul Saint-Laurent