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This is more of a scratch built figure than a custom, as many of the parts bear little resemblance to their original appearance.

AA's T'Pol Broken Bow
AA's Reed Broken Bow
AA's Hoshi Away Team
AA's Uhura TOS

Rubber Mold Compound
Plastic Casting Resin
Guerrilla Glue

Using the old  Boil and Pop method, disassemble the above figures.  You will need the upper torso, internal armature of the lower body, hand and shoes of T'Pol.  From Hoshi, you need the head.  Uhura the arms and from Reed the "rubber" pants section of the lower body.
Modification of the parts:
     Shorten the legs of T'Pol by removing about 1/2 inch from the lower leg area, drilling a small hole in one end of the cut and craving a small peg on the opposite part, to be glued together later.  Put Reed's pants on the armature and cut Vee shaped panels in the back from the waist to the cloche , in effect taking in the waist to fit the smaller female body, glue the pants with Guerrilla Glue to the armature and set aside to dry.  You can use other types of hobby glues that are tacky and set quickly.
    Sand off all detail of T'Pol's upper body and also reduce the breast size.  Scribe the pockets and zippers of the duty uniform on to the body.  At this point you need to make a decision, you can reassemble the body parts, trim down the pants where they meet the legs and try to paint all of the body parts to the same color or you can precede to the next section, which is what I did because I couldn't find a paint that would stick to AA's plastic without cracking and faking off. 
Casting the parts.
     Make rubber mold of the upper torso and the new lower torso. Before making the molds, plug the small inner holes in the shoulder holes with moldering clay, leave the hole that you drilled in the lower legs ends open.  If you have never made a mold before, I would recommend Smooth On  products, they have many good materials, that are easy to use, a 1:1 mix ratio and easy to follow instructions.
     Once the molds have been made and have cured, cast the parts in resin.  You now can finish up the uniform detail on the upper torso and blend the pants with the lower legs section.  You will need to drill hole in the shoulder sockets to accept the should plug of Uhura's arms and depending on how you oriented the upper torso when making the mold, you will need to drill out the neck or the waist to accept it opposite part.  To allow the arms to move, coat the plug with a small amount of oil or K-Y jelly/Vaseline.  Use epoxy to attach the arms to the shoulders and the oil will prevent the epoxy from sticking to the plug, allowing the arm to rotate. You can use epoxy to attach the lower leg to the lower torso.

       You now need to prime the body for painting, this will help the paint to stick to the resin and plastic parts and also show any imperfections that you need touch up.  I used Squadron Shop Green Stuff, which is nothing more than Auto Spot and Glaze Putty.  This can be sanded smooth and give a nice feathered edge.  Now with a little trimming and hot water you can attach T'Pol's hand to Uhura's arms and the shoes to the lower legs.  I couldn't come up with a way to allow Hoshi's head to move, so I selected a position I liked and glued it in place.


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*Hoshi Sato recipe provided by Chuck MacMonegle