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(From the Voyager episode "The Q and the Grey")

9" Q
12" Civil War Uniform 
Black Hat 

1. I cut down the uniform to fit Q. Using a pair of pants from a different figure, I turned them inside out and place both pairs of pats together. I traced the the smaller pants on to the larger pants. I cut them and sawed back. I did the same steps with a picard jacket from frist contact.
2. The boots that came with the 12" uniform would not fit Q. I cut the top part of the boot and wrapped around his leg. I used thread and needle to hold it together. I used the Crayola Model Magic to cover the thread in the back and around his shoe to match the boot. I used the black paint to match the shoe and the top of the boot.
3. I used a small piece of maroon material to make his belt.
4. I also used the piece of black plastic belt that came with the uniform. I place scotch tape on the belt and using the exacto knife I cut small strips on the tape, exposing the black belt. I used the gold paint and painted the over the scotch tape. Then I removed the remainder stripes of scotch tape and the belt had perfect gold stripes.
5. I used a sword from the a cocktail drink.  I also need it sheath, so I used a coffee stir for the inside of the sheath. I cut it a little longer than the sword. Using the Model Magic, I wrapped the stir all around  and let it dry for overnight. I use gold paint for for the handle, silver for the blade and black for the sheath.
6. The hat I got it at craft store for 79 cents. I trimmed about a quarter of an inch around the hat to make it a little smaller. I used the gold paint to paint the string around his hat.
7. I removed the top part of Q's head and filled it with Crayola Model Magic. Let it dry overnight, and painted it black.


*Union Captain Q recipe provided by Gerardo Nevarez