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T&T Dax or TOS Rand
Female head with ears partially covered by hair

Crayola Model Magic Putty
X-acto Knife and Blades
Dremal Motor Tool (or similar product) & cutting bits

Boil and pop the head off of the Dax or Rand figure.  Depending on the head you select you will either be able to reinsert it back into the body or build a suitable neck joint to fit in the neck collar.  If all else fails, just super glue it to the neck.  Whatever you choose to do, make sure the joint is strong so that you can grip the body as you proceed to the next step.  Using the Dremal remove the hair from the head, shaping the excess plastic to produce the proper shape for Romulan ears.  Dremals are high speed cutting tools, proceed slowly removing small amount of material at a time, use the X-acto knife to create the small details within the ears.  Use the same tool to remove the uniform collar and chest badge from the figure.  The torso is a hard plastic but will melt and burn if you proceed too quickly, so again proceed slowly.  You can also scrape the plastic with a x-acto knife to remove this material but is a harder and slower task.  You should also remove the pleat in the skirt and along the back of the figure. Now begin to mold the hair in the proper style on to the head, roughly shape it first with the fingers and than add texture and detail with a x-acto knife.  Wet the hair as needed to smooth the hair as you continue to style it.  Take your time, if you don't like the way it looks the first time, tear it off and start again.  To create the belt, sash and boots, flatten out the putty using the barrel of the x-acto knife much like a rolling pin.  Cut strips to the proper width by pressing down the edge of the knife, don't draw it through the putty as it will pull the material.  You can add texture to the strips, before applying them, by lightly pressing the knife blade or other instrument into the putty.  Apply the belt, sash and upper boot cuffs to the body and legs.  Apply thin sections of putty to the legs, giving the appearance of winkled leather of the boots.  Allow the putty to dry for 24 hours before painting.

I first painted over the existing eyebrow with medium flesh and than painted in the new eyebrows.  The hair was painted with a mixture of black and dark brown, first black was laid as a base, than a mixture of black and brown was applied to the raised parts and finally brown was added as highlights. The uniform was painted burgundy on the right side and arm and sash and metallic pewter was used on the left side and skirt. Both paints were mixed with talc and the brush was drawn across the body to give the cloth texture.  The ruffed edge of the sash, belt and boots were painted black.  The section on leg between the skirt and boots was painted with a mixture of clear gloss and black (a tiny drop, just enough to tint it) to make it appear like stockings. The entire figure was painted with a clear gloss to blend in all of the colors and to protect them.


*Female Romulan Commander recipe provided by Chuck MacMonegle