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Playmates 9" Dax - Federation Edition
ToyBiz Famous Cover  Dark Phoenix
Charming Diana Fashion Cloths Item No. 3986-1104 (this is one of those Dollar Store items distributed by Spain's Inc., Philadelphia PA 19116)

Optional: Playmates 9" Bele (for the box only)

Red and Black Magic Markers
Crayola Model Magic
Stitch Witchery or similar non-sewing material
Craft Paint
White Out Correction Pen

Remove Dax from the box and discard her Star Fleet uniform. Use the Dark Phoenix body suit in it's place.  Stain or color the neck and shoulders of the body suit black, I used a premeditate Magic Marker.  You may leave the hair in a pony tail or sculpt new hair with an air dry putty, such as Model Magic by Crayola.  If you plan on sculpting new hair, remove the lower 2/3 of the pony tail.  Attach a piece of the putty to the back of the head and around the peg left of the pony tail.  Smooth the putty so that it blends into the head and texture and shape the rest of the hair by drawing a x-acto knife down through the putty lightly.  Wet the hair, with water, as needed to keep it soft until you have the hair as you want.  Allow the putty to dry for 24hrs and than paint the hair a dark brown and high lite with a lighter shade of brown.

The following modification are made to the Dax head.  The Romulans as the Vulcans have pointed ears, these can be made by adding a small triangle piece of putty to the top of the ears.  Using a x-acto knife you can add the small details with the ears.  Paint the ears and the face a medium flesh color, painting over the Trill spots and the eyebrows.  Paint in new eyebrows using a medium dark brown paint, giving them the upward slant of the Romulans. 

The Uniform is created using the body suit from Dark Phoenix and modifying the Charming Diana dress.  I used the dress because of the fabric texture but any type of long sleeve white dress should work.  I first cut away the Velcro neck fastener from the body suit and stitched it closed, this is to reduce the volume of material that is around the neck.  I than place the CD dress on the figure and marked where the hem where I wanted it to be.  Adding approximately 1/2 inch below the hem line I cut off the excess material.  For you non-sewers there are several iron on material, such as Stitch Witchery or non iron on material, looking in the fabric section of a K-marts or supermarket. Hem the dress and place it on the body.  You may have to sew up the back to get it to fit, remember fashion doll are 12".  Using a red Magic Marker, color the right side of the uniform, do this while the dress is off the doll and on come cardboard as the marker will bleed through.  Paint the left side and skirt with a craft paint, I used Deltra Ceramcoat GLEAMS Pewter and allow to dry.  Use the Boot/leggings from the Dark Phoenix as the boots, staining them black with a magic maker.  Cut the tip off of the top of the boot/leggings and fold inwards and secure gluing or sewing.  Place the Boots/legging on the figure and touch up areas where the black may have rubbed off.  Now go get a calming beverage of some type the fun begins. Using a fine point magic marker, I suggest a Sharpie, dot the red side of the uniform, staggering the rows.  Include the small elastic band on the hand that is part of DP body suite.  Make her slash out of material, I used Counted Cross material and attach it to her waist.  Color it with the red magic marker and continue the dot pattern down the slash and color the fringe black.  The belt is made out of a piece of scrap material, stained black (magic marker) and attached in the back with fabric glue.  Fold the edges of the material to add thickness to the belt and stop the material from running.

The box can be made by covering over things you don't want.  Bele's box is good as it comes with suitable accessories, the wine and ale bottles she needs to seduce Spock, the proper Ship and Bele's name is small enough to be covered with the collectors number sticker.  The rest was made with an ink jet printer and glued on the box.  If you want to use the Dax box, just cover over the incorrect wording and number with a black magic market and use the White Out pen to create a new star field.


*9" Female Romulan Commander recipe provided by Chuck MacMonegle