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______ T'POL
From the episode "In A Mirror Darkly"

T'Pol Head
Marvel Select Black Widow
POTA Daena
Reed's Shoes and Phase Pistol
AA's MM Kirk's knife

Disassemble the MS Black Widow figure by cutting it in half just above the pant line, remove the head and cut off the hands at the mid forearm.  You need the upper torso and upper arms.  The head was used for another custom.
Cut off the forearms midway of the Daena figure, remove the head and cut off the neck in a Vee shape down to between the breasts. The bottom half of this figure is another T'Pol custom
Now, if you made a Hoshi figure you might have the mold left over of the lower torso.  Cast this and set aside.
Make a rubber mold of T'Pol's head, cast it and Dremal off the hair.  Sculpt her new hair with Sculpty heat cured clay. I would use Sculpty for the hair, as you can sculpt more detail into it than you can with Model Magic  The resin will not deform in the oven, while the AA plastic head will, as I found out. T'Pol contributed many of her parts to Hoshi
Take the resin lower torso and carve it, with a Dremal, to match the contours of the upper torso and glue together.  Cut out the neck in a Vee shape to match the neck from the Daena figure and glue it in place.  Drill a hole in the bottom of T'Pol's head and glue it on.  Glue the Daena forearms to the upper torso and make cuffs from Model Magic and allow to dry.  Do not use Sculpty, as the heat needed to cure it will deform the plastic fingers on Daena's hands.  The belt, holster and knife scabbard were made from Model Magic.  The Phase Pistol came from AA's Reed and the knife and communicator from AA's MM Kirk, both of which are now parts of other customs.  The shoes are also Reed's, that I trimmed down to a better fit.
Prime the figure and paint.  I used several shades of brown/blond for T'Pol's hair to give it definition.  I painted all of the flesh areas with a medium flesh to make them match.  The AA sculpt of T'Pol's head is really quite accurate but their paint op was poor.  I recommend repainting any T'Pol head you have.  Paint the trim areas, pocket zippers, etc.
The one thing I forgot to add were the applets on the shoulders, these can be made from small pieces of plastic card stock, small dabs of epoxy for rank pips, painted and glued in place


*T'Pol recipe provided by Chuck MacMonegle