Last Update: May 3rd, 2006

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Packaging your customs at times is more trouble than it's worth. However,  if you prefer to collect your items in a package, then this section will be of i9mportance for you.

There's many ways to customize a package. The easiest way is to carefully slice open a blister from it's card and put your custom figure in place of the original. If you're working with 'boxed' items like 12" figures, it gets even easier as you can just open the box and do with them what you wish!

The alternate route is to create packaging for your customs on your computer. The
technology we have at our fingers today is so much better than what we had 10 years ago... heck, it's better than what we had only 3 years ago! To create your own design, or based on actual designs, it takes time, patience, and practice. No one is ever happy with their first attempt - trust me on this as I've changed my 'style' many many times!

Trying to explain to someone 'how' to create their own packaging is next to impossible without first teaching them how to use their 'graphics' program - and if you know how to use a graphics program already, then you already have the knowledge on how to create your own packaging! I won't be covering that here as it takes too much time, and your manual should be able to explain it far better than I. What I will do, is supply you with some pre-made packaging that I've created during the last 6 years. I'll also help you in attaching this packaging, and adding a bubble/try to hold yoru items in. Those will come at a later time however.

For now, you are encouraged to download the files below. I'm offering some of my files freely to members of Playtrek. I'll be focusing on the types of packaging that were being used when the Playmates line ended -  The 'Warp Factor' wave. You'll also notice most of what I offer here will be mail-offer, exclusives, or 'pack in' figures. (Figures offered in box sets, etc.)

More will be be offered at a later time. You can email in 'requests' for some, and I may add those as well if I still have them. Click on the file below that you want saved to your computer.

Basic 'Warp Factor' front Card.
This can be used with any 'Warp Factor' Syle packaging.


Front flap for Capt. Calhoun
Back of card for Capt. Calhoun

Front flap for 'Toyfare' 7 of 9
Back of card for 'Toyfare' 7 of 9

*Packaging  tips & card art provided by Michael Heddlee